Oil Filters

GMB has been an OE manufacturer for 80 years. With this experience, GMB is recognized as one of the world's Top 5 auto part manufacturers.

Our new Oil Filter program offers exceptional filtration from most major vehicle manufacturers.

GMB Motor Oil w-Filter 1000x1000


Not all oil filters are the same. Here’s what makes our oil filters stand out.


GMB Oil Filters are designed to OEM standards and ISO 4548-12 testing procedures. This ensures excellent capacity, efficiency, and burst strength. Every GMB Oil Filter has been through multi-pass performance tests and shows proven quality based on industry test specifications.



GMB Oil Filters use OE-certified canisters and base plates. They also provide consistent oil flow with a precision relief valve. An anti-drain back valve allows the filter to retain oil when the engine is not running. GMB Oil Filters also come with an easy-to-remove gasket.


All GMB Oil filters use high-quality filter media (cellulose paper). This contributes to the excellent 97.8% filtration performance. And it can hold up to 12 grams of dirt. Our Oil Filters are designed to be highly compatible with all types of engine oil, providing exceptional oil filtration levels regardless of your vehicle type.

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