While there are reusable oil filters out there, using OEM-spec replaceable filters is almost always a better option. This blog explains the benefits of sticking to high-quality OEM-spec paper oil filters, in a non-technical way that customers understand.

Reusable Oil Filters

These are stainless-steel mesh oil filters are designed to be cleaned and reused. They cost many times more than OEM filters, but are designed to last for the life of the vehicle. Reusable oil filter details:

  • Very expensive
  • Cleaning them is a chore and cleaning products cost extra
  • Don’t always work as advertised
  • Stainless-steel mesh not always as efficient at filtering as traditional paper filters

Reusable oil filters are marketed as cost-saving devices that eliminate waste. In reality, they aren’t always easy to clean. Some owners have resorted to compressed air and harsh chemicals to remove the gunk and debris. And the stainless-steel mesh design doesn’t always have the same filtration rating as a good OEM-spec paper filter.

Reusable oil filters are not built to OEM specifications as they are purely aftermarket designs. While some are built with high-quality materials, independent studies show that they rarely offer any filtering benefits over traditional OEM-spec paper filters.

Cleaning and refitting a replaceable oil filter can be time-consuming. And despite the eco-friendly claims, the cleaning fluid and oil deposits still create waste. Read about how oil filters can fail and why a non-OEM spec filter is never a good idea here.

Replaceable Oil Filters

Regular paper element oil filters are designed to be replaced at every oil change. This is what the OEMs use. They should never be cleaned and reused. GMB oil filter benefits include:

  • Meet or exceeds OEM specifications
  • GMB filters are 97.8% efficient at filtering out contaminants
  • Designed to operate at extreme temperatures
  • Feature precision relief valves for consistent performance
  • Affordably priced

OEM oil filters go through rigorous testing to ensure that they perform to the manufacturer’s specifications. They can filter out microscopic particulates that would otherwise damage the engine’s internals. For more information on common oil filter problems, check out this article.

Replaceable oil filters are very reasonably priced. Often costing 15 times less than a reusable filter. Taking 10,000-mile oil changes as an average, your car will need to do over 150,000-miles before getting to the price of the average reusable oil filter.

A GMB OEM-spec oil filter is easy to replace. It is guaranteed to fit right and requires very little technical expertise to change.

Choose GMB Oil Filters For Your Engine

In summary, be sure ytour customers understand that:

  • OEM-spec paper filters are NOT reusable
  • Stainless-steel mesh filters can be cleaned and reused
  • GMB high-quality oil filters meet or exceed OEM filtration specifications
  • Reusable oil filters can be difficult to clean and don’t always meet filtration requirements

Our fully synthetic oils are designed to work with our high-quality oil filters. For year-round, all-season protection, regardless of your vehicle type, choose GMB oils and filters.

GMB has been an industry-leading manufacturer of OE and aftermarket automotive products since 1943. We supply OEM quality parts you can trust. And that’s why you can rely on us to provide the best quality oil filters for your vehicle. Contact GMB and order yours today.


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