As an industry professional, you already know that a high-quality car battery is essential to ensure that a vehicle’s electrical system works right. Using a poor-quality aftermarket battery can damage sensitive electronics. And will cost way more in the long run.

Convincing clients of this fact can sometimes be difficult. But it’s essential to ensure that they get the best part for their vehicle. And to build a good customer relationship.

In this article, we cover the top 4 features of the best car batteries. Making it easier to explain to your customers why it’s never a good idea to settle for sub-par batteries.

1. Long Service Life

Your car battery should last between 4-5 years. The exact lifespan depends on usage and battery quality. Poor quality batteries may cost less upfront. But they will fail sooner and may damage sensitive electronic components.

2. Maintenance-Free Design

A modern battery should not need any routine maintenance. Older battery designs required regular water top-ups to prevent the cells from running dry.

A high-quality sealed battery will not need any top-ups or servicing requirements throughout its service life. It is still advisable to keep the battery connectors tight and clean. And allowing a battery to discharge fully can severely shorten its service life.

3. Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications

battery post

Your OEM battery should last up to 5 years before needing replacement. It’s always advisable to use an OEM quality replacement battery to prevent damage to your electrical system. Start-stop and regenerative braking systems require the most modern battery technology to work right.

If the battery is unable to maintain charge or cannot effectively power auxiliary systems, it can damage your vehicle. If you have an older vehicle, then it’s a good idea to upgrade to modern battery technology.

4. Responsible Manufacturing Methods

The best car batteries are manufactured with eco-friendly principles. And use production facilities that meet the highest environmental standards.

Cheap aftermarket batteries are often built using unsustainable methods. And won’t meet OEM environmental or performance standards.

GMB Only Uses AGM Battery Technology

Car batteries are made using a variety of different technologies. Older technologies like Flooded Battery and Enhanced Flooded Battery (FB and EFB) were designed to cope with the lower power demands of older vehicle designs. Modern electronics and start-stop systems require more advanced technology to function effectively.

That is why all GMB batteries use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The integrated battery management system ensures your vehicle always receives a stable electrical supply. AGM batteries are also a great upgrade for older vehicles.

The GMB AGM Battery Difference

  • Meets tier 1 OEM standards
  • OE approved for modern tech like automatic start-stop systems
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Provides stable power to sophisticated vehicle electronics

GMB has been an industry-leading manufacturer of OE and aftermarket automotive products since 1943. If you’re uncertain whether a battery needs changing, this article on common car battery problems offers some insight for service technicians and car owners alike.

We supply OEM quality parts you can trust – that’s why you can rely on us to provide the best quality AGM batteries for your vehicle or customers. Contact GMB and order today.


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