Motor Oil

GMB has been an OE manufacturer for 80 years. With this experience, GMB is recognized as one of the world's Top 5 auto part manufacturers.

GMB Full Synthetic Motor Oil delivers optimal performance for gasoline vehicles and protects against sludge, corrosion, and rust formation. High-quality formula offers wear protection on critical engine components so you can Go the Extra Mile.

GMB's new Motor Oil program offers extensive coverage for domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, even those with uniquely specific motor oil requirements, such as BMW and Mercedes.

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Why GMB Motor Oil?

Not all motor oils are formulated the same. Here’s what makes motor oil stand out.


GMB motor oil has been formulated to provide excellent lubrication regardless of engine load. Our formulation uses a highly purified base oil combined with premium additives. The result is an exceptional motor oil that performs well in even the most extreme conditions.

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GMB motor oil meets or exceeds API SP and ILSAC GF-06A and OE requirements. These are the latest engine oil performance standards. They are designed to give long-lasting thermal oxidation stability and reduced contaminant and sludge formation properties.


There is a premium GMB Motor Oil to cover most vehicles. Our oils are formulated for year-round use and are available in various viscosities and capacities.

GMB Motor Oil coverage caters to the most popular vehicles and continually expands coverage.

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  • GMB Full Synthetic Motor Oils are currently available in SAE 0W-16 / SAE 0W-20 / SAE 5W-20 / SAE 5W-30 / SAE 10W-30 and SAE 20W-50 grades.
  • OEM-spec BMW and Mercedes-Benz long-life oil are available in an SAE 5W-40 grade.
  • GMB Motor Oils are available in 1qt and 5qt capacities.

We're Continuously Developing New Products

We research, manufacture, and release hundreds of new products every year to make sure we have the parts you need.

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