Whether you’re a mechanic, parts distributor, or shop owner, you may regularly get asked this question. While it’s obviously important to change the filter and oil at the same time, explaining this to your customer can be tricky.

We put together this article to help you explain to your customer or client why regular oil filter changes are important. We cover some of the most common and important questions around this topic. With responses that are easy to understand and explain to customers. Read on to find out more.

What Does An Oil Filter Do?

  • Filters out dirt and harmful particles
  • Prevents contaminants from entering the engine

Your vehicle’s oil filter keeps the engine oil clean by filtering out harmful particles as the oil circulates through the engine. It keeps the oil clean so it can more effectively lubricate the engine components.

As the engine runs, it wears. Very small bits of metal end up in the oil as a result. These would build up and damage the engine if the oil filter was not present.

Can I Use The Same Oil Filter Twice?

  • Oil filters are designed to be changed at each oil service
  • Leaving an oil filter in for too long will allow contaminants to enter the oil

Auto manufacturers have designed their oil filters to last as long as the oil you put in your engine. If you don’t change your oil filter at each oil service, it won’t be able to filter out particulates effectively. This will shorten the lifespan of the oil and eventually result in engine damage.

What Happens If I Change My Oil But Not The Filter?

  • The filter will eventually clog up
  • The oil won’t be able to circulate properly
  • Contaminants won’t be filtered out of the oil

Like any filter, if you don’t change your oil filter regularly, it will get clogged up. This will stop it from being able to filter out contaminants. If it gets completely blocked, the engine will be starved of oil. Leading to serious engine damage. Read more about the dangers of a failed oil filter here.

Are All Engine Oil Filters The Same?

Oil filters look similar, but they are definitely not all the same. GMB premium oil filters meet or exceed OEM quality standards. GMB oil filters are:

  • 97.8% efficient at filtering out contaminants
  • Designed to operate at extreme temperatures
  • Feature precision relief valves for consistent performance
  • Equipped with premium quality gaskets to prevent oil leaks

Most aftermarket filters are built down to a price. They are made from inferior materials and won’t protect your engine as per the manufacturer’s requirements.

Premium Oil Filters From GMB

Oil filters have a limited capacity to trap contaminants. Leave them too long and they will become clogged and eventually block up completely. The result is accelerated engine wear and, eventually serious engine damage.

In short, you should always change your engine oil and oil filter at the same time. And when you do, make sure to use premium quality products like the GMB range of oils and filters.

Our fully synthetic oils are designed to work with our high-quality oil filters. For year-round, all-season protection, regardless of vehicle type, choose GMB oils and filters.

GMB has been an industry-leading manufacturer of OE and aftermarket automotive products since 1943. We supply OEM quality parts you can trust. And that’s why you can rely on us to provide the best quality oil filters for your vehicle. Contact GMB and order yours today.


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