If you have a Nissan truck (Frontier or Titan), you’ll likely experience issues with the water pump at some point. Here’s a list of symptoms related to water pump failure on Nissan trucks and some diagnostic tips, repair info, recommended parts, and background information.

Nissan Truck Water Pump Failure Symptoms

  • Low coolant tank
  • Coolant leak
  • Overheating engine
  • Engine noise
  • Serpentine belt wear

Water Pump Diagnosis and Repair Tips

Water pumps can leak from the housing gasket or shaft seal with age and mileage. Coolant leaking from the weep hole below the shaft seal can be an early indication of water pump failure. Water pumps can degrade from age, overheating, or bearing failure. Water pump noise is typically caused by bearing wear or the impeller striking the housing after bearing failure. The following conditions can cause water pump failure, corrosion, or other cooling system damage:

  • Using the wrong type of coolant
  • An incorrect ratio of the coolant and water mixture
  • Using tap water instead of distilled water in the coolant mixture
  • Cooling system overheating
  • Cooling system restrictions or cavitation
  • Cooling system leaks
  • Loose drive belt or tensioner (serpentine belt-driven water pumps)
  • Worn timing belt or tensioner (timing belt-driven water pumps)

Avoid costly repairs by addressing any water pump or cooling system issue at the first sign of leakage or noise. Scheduled cooling system maintenance can help prevent water pump issues and increase longevity.

Recommended Replacement Water Pumps

Listed below are the recommended replacement water pumps available for the Nissan Frontier and Titan models.

YearMake/ModelGMB Part Number
2004 – 2022Nissan Titan V8 5.6L 5552cc150-9010
2016 – 2022Nissan Titan XD V8 5.6L 5552cc150-9010
2016 – 2019Nissan Titan XD V8 5.0L150-2590
2005 – 2019Nissan Frontier L4 2.5L 2488cc150-2400
2005 – 2019Nissan Frontier V6 4.0L 3954cc150-2320
1998 – 2004Nissan Frontier L4 2.4L 2389cc150-1400
1998 – 2004Nissan Frontier L4 2.4L 2389cc w/ Fan Clutch150-0002
1999 – 2004Nissan Frontier V6 3.3L 3275cc150-1610
1999 – 2004Nissan Frontier V6 3.3L 3275cc w/ Fan Clutch150-0003

Why Do Nissan Trucks Have Water Pump Problems?

The main issue with the Nissan Frontier VQ-series V6 water pumps is serviceability. These chain-driven water pumps are very difficult to replace due to how hard the pump is to access. Coolant leaking from the weep hole is the first sign of water pump failure on these engines. This weep hole is located on the engine block near the AC compressor. The most common problem with Nissan QR-series I4 and VK-series V8 water pumps is the deterioration of seals and gaskets over time. 

Otherwise, Nissan truck water pump issues are typical of most trucks with age or high mileage. These include coolant leaks from the gasket or shaft seal and worn bearings. Other cooling system issues can also impact water pump life. Depending on the engine, a worn serpentine belt, timing belt, and/or tensioner can affect the water pump’s performance and longevity.  Always perform scheduled maintenance on the cooling system to ensure long water pump life. Inspect the serpentine drive belt at each oil change.

Check out this post to learn 5 things you need to know about water pumps for additional tips and recommendations. 

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