In most modern vehicles, the u-joint is a long-lasting and sturdy part of your vehicle. Like any part in your vehicle, it can degrade or break down due to typical wear and tear. Below we’ll cover some of the most common vehicles that experience u-joint issues. In most cases, it tends to be bigger heavy-duty vehicles that go through rougher use. If you’d like to check out our u-joint selection, you can learn more here.

Dodge Ram

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One of the most popular choices for diesel owners is the Dodge Ram. Of course, they can experience u-joint issues, both from the torque of the diesel engine and just from typical wear-and-tear. These heavy-duty trucks are made for heavy-duty work which can take a toll on the suspension components. This post highlights some of the ins and outs of RAM and Dodge truck u-joints and provides a few helpful tips you should be aware of before replacing your own.

Chevrolet Silverado

Like many trucks in this list, the Chevy Silverado is not immune to u-joint issues. This is often due to towing heavy loads or dealing with off-road conditions that many cars don’t have to deal with.

The Silverado is also one of the most popular trucks on the market today, and is popular among enthusiasts who like to modify their trucks. Modifications can give the Silverado a unique look, but things like lift kits or offsets do alter the suspension and can lead to u-joint issues. To learn more about Chevy Silverado u-joints, check out this post.

Ford F-150

Image Credit: F150Forum

While it may be the best-selling truck in America, the Ford F-150 is not immune to u-joint issues. This is often because the F-150 (like many trucks) sees extensive heavy-duty use by most owners. Another factor may be the installation of a lift, another common mod that truck owners opt for. Lifts contribute to steep operating angles and extra wear on the u-joints. When the u-joints begin to fail, it can quickly affect driveability and should not be ignored. To learn more about F-150 u-joints, specifically, check out this recent blog post.

Jeep Wrangler

Off-road and more heavy-duty vehicles are often the most common vehicles to experience u-joint issues. The Jeep Wrangler is intended for use off-road, so it only makes sense they experience u-joint issues with the suspension going through extensive articulation out on the trails.

Rock climbing, trail running and exposure to any other unusual terrain will eventually wear on even the toughest Jeep suspension. To learn more about Jeep u-Joint issues, check out this post.

Toyota Tacoma

Like many of the trucks listed above, Tacomas see a lot of heavy-duty and off-road use. Often times, these u-joints are put under heavy loads, both towing and on the trails. Additionally, the Toyota Tacoma is a beaut when modified. Lifts and offsets are among the first mods many Tacoma owners make. These mods are stunners, but are none-the-less a change from stock, which can tax the suspension. In a recent post, we highlighted the Toyota Tacoma u-joints – you can find that blog post here.

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