If you have a higher-mileage Toyota Tacoma, odds are you’ll experience issues with your U-joints at some point. Down below is a list of symptoms related to U-joint failure on the Tacoma, as well as some diagnostic tips, repair info, recommended parts, and background information.

Toyota U-Joint Failure Symptoms

  • Squeaking or clunking noise when starting from a stop
  • Clunking when shifting
  • Vehicle vibrations at certain speeds, usually on the highway
  • Grinding, chirping, or clanging noise
  • Loud banging

U-Joint Diagnosis And Repair

The U-Joints handle a constant load as they transfer power from the driveshaft to the differential from the transfer case. Over time the U-joints can wear out due to typical wear-and-tear. Many Tacomas are lifted, this puts additional stress on the u-joints and can cause them to fail sooner than normal. Lifting a vehicle causes the operating angle of the u-joint to increase, which causes it to wear out faster.

U-joints are not repairable and will need to be replaced when they wear out. This is a job that is simple for a shop, and can also easily be done at home. When one u-joint fails it is best to check all the U-joints on your vehicle to ensure you won’t have a failure. Sometimes it is simplest to just replace them all at the same time. If a U-joint fails, it will leave you stranded with your truck unable to move. In order to minimize the need for repairs, we always recommend replacing worn u-joints with proper OEM replacement parts. If you’d like to learn more about replacing the U-joints in your Toyota Tacoma, check out this blog post.

Recommended Replacement Tacoma U-Joint Parts

YearModelPart #Application
2005-2016Tacoma210-0213Rear Shaft
2005-2016Tacoma210-1203Rear Shaft
2005-2016Tacoma210-0153 Rear Shaft
1995-2004Tacoma215-1203 Rear Shaft
1995-2004Tacoma215-0021 Front & Rear Shaft
1995-2004Tacoma215-0153 Rear Shaft
2000-2006Tacoma220-0021 Front & Rear Shaft

Why Does The Toyota Tacoma Have U-joint Problems?

When it comes to drivetrain elements like the U-Joint, modern designs are built to last tens of thousands of miles without issue. But like any spinning part of your vehicle, eventually, it will wear out. With Tacomas, like any other truck, the issue is not whether they will fail, but when they will fail. If your truck is in good mechanical shape, most U-joints can last 100,000 -150,000 miles if the suspension is stock.

When it comes to your U-Joints, look no further than GMB. As a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket parts for more than 70 years, we’ve got what you need. With locations on both coasts, we’re happy to help get your parts shipped quickly and efficiently. You can find our product page here, or you can contact us here.


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