If your vehicle is experiencing drivability issues, it may be an issue with the fuel pump. Most modern fuel pumps can last 100,000 miles or more, but some fail sooner. Below we’ll highlight five of the most common vehicles to experience fuel pump issues, as well as a few different hints, tips, and recommendations to ensure you’re safe while replacing the fuel pump in your vehicle.

Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Pump Issues

Pathfinder fuel pump

The Nissan Pathfinder was initially introduced in 1985 consumer interest in SUVs was growing. The Pathfinder was one of the first compact SUVs. Since then, the Pathfinder has been a reliable and well-known model. If you’re looking for a fuel pump for your Nissan Pathfinder, you can check out this article for some popular fuel pump options and some replacement tips.

GMC Sierra Fuel Pump Issues

A properly working fuel system in modern trucks is essential to ensure you and your payload can get where you’re going. We have plenty of fuel pump options for the GMC Sierra, a tried-and-true truck models that’s been around for decades. Be sure to use our catalog search tool to find the proper fuel pump for your truck. We provide several fuel pump designs for the different engines offered in Sierra’s 1500, 2500, and 3500 models. This post includes a complete list of Sierra fuel pump.

Chevrolet Silverado Fuel Pump Issues

Like the GMC Sierra mentioned above, the Chevy Silverado was introduced in 1999 and shares the same chassis and many of the same components as the Sierra. The engine choices in the Silverado were basically the same as those for the Sierra. And of course, the fuel pumps are the same. Check out this post to find a complete list of our fuel pump offerings for the Chevy Silverado.

Jeep Wrangler Fuel Pump Issues

The Jeep Wrangler exploded in popularity when the four-door version was introduced in 2007. It is a unique vehicle that is just as home on a rocky trail as it is driving in town. The standard engine offered in the Wrangler is a V6, and an upgraded Pentastar V6 became available in 2012. Now, the Wrangler can be purchased with a V6, a turbo 4, a V8, or a hybrid drivetrain. You can find all of our Wrangler fuel pump options in this article.

Honda Odyssey Fuel Pump Issues

Unlike most of the other vehicles mentioned above, the Honda Odyssey is a bit of an outlier in this group. The Odyssey was introduced in the late 90s when Honda saw the value in adding a minivan to their lineup. Like the vehicles above, Odysseys are know for lasting several hundred thousand miles or more. Thankfully the fuel pump is a bit more accessible in the Odyssey than in most other models. In this post you’ll find a list of our fuel pump offerings for the Odyssey.

High-Quality Fuel Pumps From GMB

The reason the above vehicles made this list doesn’t have to do with the quality of their OEM fuel pumps. We sell a lot of fuel pumps for these vehicles because these makes and models last a long time. It’s not uncommon to see some of these models get over 200k miles in their lifetime. If you’re looking for some help diagnosing fuel pump problems, download our Fuel Pump Troubleshooting Guide here.

When it comes to replacement fuel pump parts for your vehicle, look no further than GMB. With more than 70 years in business, we know quality parts, and we’re happy to help you. You can learn more about our products here, or contact us here.


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