Engine oil lubricates and protects your engine’s internals. The engine won’t get enough lubrication if the oil degrades or fails. Ignore it for too long, and the engine damage can be severe.

In this article, we look into some common engine oil problems. And what happens when you don’t use high-quality oil in your vehicle.

What Are The Most Common Engine Oil Issues?

  • Using the wrong specification oil for your vehicle
  • Not changing engine oil on time
  • Blocked oil filters

Auto manufacturers spend a lot of time and money determining the best oils for their engines. Stick to these recommendations to ensure your car’s engine gets the lubrication it needs. All GMB motor oils meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Oil change intervals are also important to adhere to. Frequent short trips and regular hard driving will contaminate oil faster than long journeys at steady speeds. Oil oxidizes over time. Even if you don’t do a lot of mileage, you should still stick to the recommended oil change intervals.

Contaminants and engine combustion deposits are absorbed into the oil. They are then filtered through the oil filter. Ignore the oil change intervals, and eventually, the filter will get clogged. This will speed up oil degradation and restrict oil flow.

How Do You Know If Your Engine Oil Is Bad?

Engine oil will naturally degrade over time. As it ages, be on the lookout for these symptoms:

  • Changes in oil color and viscosity
  • Engine runs poorly
  • Fuel consumption goes up
  • Engine warning light is on

Clean oil has a light, golden color. Depending on the thickness, it should flow off the dipstick easily. Contaminants and combustion residue will slowly darken the oil’s color. If your oil is dark brown or black, it’s time to change it.

Old oil, or the incorrect type of oil, won’t lubricate your engine properly. This can result in a knocking sound on startup and a general rough sound from under the hood.

If you notice an increase in fuel consumption, old oil may be one of the culprits. As oil degrades, it cannot lubricate the engine efficiently. This makes the engine work harder. An oil change is well overdue if you see an increase in fuel consumption or an illuminated ‘check engine’ light.

Never Ignore Engine Oil Problems

No matter the cause of your engine oil problems, replacing your old oil with quality GMB oil is essential. Old and contaminated oils will cause micro-abrasions on your engine’s internals. They will also clog up oil filters and oil passages. This will lead to poor performance, overheating, and engine failure.

Get The Right Oil For Your Vehicle From GMB

High-quality motor oil is essential for any vehicle. GMB motor oil offers comprehensive engine protection even in extreme situations. Choose our fully synthetic oils for top performance and efficiency. GMB engine oils are available for all popular applications in 5qt and 1qt containers.

GMB has been an industry-leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket automotive products for 79 years. GMB auto parts are available from a large number of retailers and wholesalers. Contact us now for OEM-quality engine oil today.


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