Why Independent Repair Shops Shouldn’t Fear EVs

Adapting To EVs Is Possible – Here’s How

As an independent shop owner, you know the industry-wide shift to electric vehicles is bringing big changes. Don’t worry, GMB’s new white paper – Why Independent Shops Should Not Fear Increasing Electric Vehicle Sales – predicts a bright future for the repair industry. In this paper, we discuss:

  • A realistic timeline for when the number of alternative powertrain vehicles will surpass the gas engine vehicles
  • Which maintenance and repair jobs will decrease and how to prepare yourself and your staff for an increase in alternate repair work
  • How reduced repair complexity could actually increase a shop’s profitability
  • And more!

Knowledge is power. Don’t fear the change to electric vehicles – prepare your shop to thrive in the future. Download your FREE copy of our white paper today!


See how you can adapt to the rise of EVs.

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