Engine oil lubricates your engine’s moving parts. Good engine oil helps protect against premature wear. And allows the engine to perform efficiently. If the engine oil fails, it can be catastrophic for your engine.

In this article, we cover the reasons behind engine oil failures and what you can do to avoid this happening to your vehicle.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

GMB engine oil

Engine oil may seem unimportant, but it actually does a very important job. Engine oil helps to:

  • Lubricate
  • Cool
  • Clean
  • Seal
  • Prevent corrosion

Engine oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts. It collects dirt and combustion particulates as it circulates around the engine block. These are deposited into the oil filter. Detergents in the oil help clean the engine components.

Engine oil also contributes to engine cooling. And seals the gaps between the pistons and cylinder walls. Additives in high-quality motor oils are very important. They minimize the corrosion caused by contaminants from fuel combustion and oxidation.

An engine will seize very quickly if it runs without oil. With no oil, metal parts create friction when rubbing against each other. The friction generates heat, which causes the parts to expand. As they expand, they generate more friction and more heat. This cycle continues until the parts expand so much that they seize. 

Reasons For Engine Oil Failure

Modern engine oils are composed of base oils and a complex mix of additives and detergents. GMB motor oil is formulated to meet and even exceed OEM requirements. This is important because oil degrades over time. Having a superior oil formulation extends engine life and oil change intervals, but your engines oil will still suffer if you:

  • Miss oil changes
  • Ignore a clogged oil filter
  • Switch between poor quality and high quality oils
  • Ever user the incorrect oil for your vehicle

Regular oil and oil filter changes are essential. Engine oil gets contaminated over time. It also oxidizes even if you do very few miles between oil changes. Leaving it too long will eventually lead to oil failure and excessive engine wear.

Old oil filters can become clogged with metal particulates and contaminants. This will prevent the oil from cleaning and lubricating the engine parts effectively. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals. And if your oil looks dirty, change it ahead of schedule.

Frequent stop/start driving and short trips don’t allow the engine oil to get up to temperature. In contrast, hard driving will push engine oil temperatures to extreme levels. The fully synthetic oils from GMB effectively lubricate your engine across a broad operating temperature range. Sub-par engine oils cannot. This will lead to increased oil contamination and ineffective lubrication. The end result is always the same: reduced engine life and big repair bills. 

Avoid Engine Oil Failure And Order GMB Motor Oil Today

Keeping your engine oil clean is essential for your vehicle to perform efficiently. The GMB motor oil formula offers comprehensive engine protection even in extreme situations. Our fully synthetic oils are designed for year-round, all-season use and are available for all popular applications in both 5qt and 1qt containers.

GMB has been an industry-leading manufacturer of OE and aftermarket automotive products since 1943. We supply OEM quality parts you can trust. And that’s why you can rely on us to provide the best quality oil for your vehicle. Contact GMB and order your high-quality engine oil today.


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