Just about every car owner practices preventative maintenance. But what would happen if you don’t practice proactive maintenance on critical components? What if your car has leaking coolant, grinding noises, or overheating of the engine? 

What is Proactive Maintenance?

Underhood work

Proactive maintenance is similar to preventative maintenance, except it doesn’t occur at regular intervals. Rather, you use data to figure out when a part will likely fail and then replace it before then. Proactive maintenance helps prevent a car breakdown and further issues with related parts.

For example, water pumps last about 100,000 miles. To practice proactive maintenance would be to replace your water pump before it hits 100K miles. Doing so will prevent a bunch of serious problems that may crop up if your water pump fails.

What Happens When Your Water Pump Fails

The water pump’s job is to circulate coolant through the engine block. When the water pump wears out, the amount of coolant flowing through the engine block is drastically reduced. As a result, the engine overheats.

When the engine runs too hot for too long, you’ll get engine damage that’s quite expensive to fix. For example, the cylinder head and/or engine block may crack or get warped, the head gasket may blow, and the engine may seize.

That’s why we highly recommend replacing your water pump before it has a chance to fail.

Save Time and Money: Replace Your Water Pump With Your Timing Belt

Most water pumps and timing belts last about 100,000 miles. That means when one part fails, the other part’s not too far behind.

If you have only the timing belt replaced, you’ll have to bring your car back to the shop when the water pump fails in the near future. This means you’ll have to pay for labor twice. That can be quite costly because the technician will have to take the engine apart again. Instead of bringing your car in twice and paying double for labor, you can save time and money when you replace your water pump with your timing belt. On the first visit, just have both parts replaced at the same time.

The Best Way to Ensure That Your Replacement Water Pump Doesn’t Fail Again

If you don’t want your replacement water pump to fail anytime soon, get only an OEM or high-quality aftermarket replacement water pump. Also, be sure to have your cooling system flushed and refilled with fresh coolant.

OEM water pumps usually cost more than the aftermarket counterparts. With GMB being an OE manufacturer, you can trust that our aftermarket parts meet the OE standard of fit, form and ruction.

For more information about GMB Water Pumps, click HERE.


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