Engine Timing Idler Sprocket 460-8690

  • GMB has been a Global Leader in Bearings For Over 75 years
  • All Bearing Components Rigorously Tested
  • Proprietary High-Heat Resistant Grease retained in a Proprietary Triple-Lip Seal
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When working with Serpentine and Timing Belts, Tensioners and Idler Bearings are vital to ensure proper engine performance. In some situations, a Tensioner or Idler Bearing is a critical component in protecting your engine from severe damage and catastrophic failure. GMB Tensioner and Idler Bearings features include:

  • Rigorous testing and quality control for all bearing components.
  • Built to withstand High-Performance use and optimal operation.
  • Triple-Lip seal design to maximize grease retention and prevent contamination.
  • Precise tolerances for easy installation.

It’s never a good idea to compromise on the quality of Belt Tensioners and Idler Bearings. GMB is known for Global OEM Manufacturing technology, and our proprietary designs ensure your parts are built to last.

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Weight 0.58 lbs
Dimensions 2.70 × 2.70 × 1.60 in


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