As an extension of GMB’s commitment to high-quality water pumps, we have produced a variety of content for DIYers, installers, and service advisors to reference and share with customers as needed. It’s our hope that these materials give you a better understanding of the GMB water pumps you’re working with and can help you troubleshoot more easily.

Water Pump Trouble Shooting Guide

Water pump manual

Water Pump Trouble Shooting Guide: A Complete Guide to Diagnostics, Prevention, and Installation is a 15-page resource that covers everything from the function of the water pump to specimen problems, and it’s all yours completely free. Here are some of the highlights from the guide:

  • Diagrams to identify parts of the water pump and directional coolant flow
  • A handy, easy-to-read set of step-by-step instructions for GMB water pump installation
  • Explanations of the causes and preventions for leakage, noises, overheating, and more

Get your downloadable PDF here.

Water Pump Quick Guide

We took our 15 page PDF and synthesized it into one handy graphic. In this Water Pump Quick Guide, you can see quickly how water pumps work (including how coolant flows through the pump), how to replace a water pump and precautions when doing so, plus some photos and descriptions for common problems.

You are welcome to save this graphic, share it with your colleagues by email or social media, and come back often when you are needing to know a little more about water pumps.

Water pump quick guide

Popular Water Pump Articles

On the GMB blog, we regularly post articles about the parts we manufacture, including water pumps. Check out the following links for more in-depth info.

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