When you’re looking for a replacement part for your car, you’ve probably run across the abbreviations OEM and OES. In this article, we will go over what each designation means and help you figure out which type of part offers the best value for your money.

OEM Parts

Auto parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM part is usually made by a third party contract manufacturer, but it has the automaker’s brand on it. For example, GMB builds OEM water pumps for a lot of automakers. These water pumps are stamped with the automaker’s logo and packed in their branded packaging.

OES Parts

OES stands for Original Equipment Supplier. An OES part is made by the same manufacturer that built the OEM part found in your car. For example, if GMB built the OEM water pump in your car, GMB’s own water pump designed for your car would be an OES water pump.

OEM and OES Parts are Essentially the Same

OEM and OES parts are typically indistinguishable from one another when it comes to function and performance because these parts are:

  1. Built by the same manufacturer
  2. Built to the exact same specifications outlined by the vehicle’s designer

OES manufacturers have the resources and equipment to build high-quality parts. Automakers deem them worthy of putting in their vehicles and putting their brand on them. It doesn’t matter whether you buy an OEM or OES part. You’d be getting the same high-quality part either way.

Which Type of Part to Order if You Want the Most Value for Your Money

The best way to save money is to cut out the middleman. In this case, the automaker is the middleman. When you buy an OEM part straight from the dealer or a wholesaler, you’re paying a markup just to have the automaker’s brand on the part.

Typically, OES parts are purchased through a wholesale distributor or jobber, both of which offer low prices on quality parts. At GMB, we offer our parts through a network of wholesalers and jobbers. Check out where you can buy our OE-quality parts here.


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