How Maintenance Free U-Joints Will Save You Money

The auto industry is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world. We’re always sitting at the edge of our seats with all the new innovations hitting the market on a regular basis. One of the neatest innovations we’ve ever seen are maintenance free u-joints.

What are Maintenance Free U-Joints?

Maintenance free ujoints

Maintenance free u-joints are like regular u-joints, but non-greaseable. In other words, they’re u-joints that don’t need to be lubricated. These joints are lubricated for life. They come with a service life of something like 1 million miles (or to the end of time).

How Maintenance Free U-Joints Save You A Lot of Money and Trouble

Even though maintenance free u-joints cost a little more than regular u-joints upfront, they’re still the cheaper option in the long run. Maintenance free u-joints eliminate the need to service your u-joints on a regular basis.

When you have regular u-joints on your vehicle, you need to service them every 5,000 miles or so. For a more accurate number, check the owner’s manual.

Greasing your u-joints is a chore that involves lifting your vehicle and using a grease gun and grease cartridge. Your time is worth something, so all the time you spend servicing your u-joints adds up. Let’s say your time is worth $30/hour on the low side. Over the lifetime of your vehicle, you might spend 10 hours servicing your u-joints. That adds up to $300 in labor alone. That doesn’t include the cost of grease.

Maintenance Free U-Joints Also Reduce the Odds of Sudden Catastrophic Failure

Because u-joint maintenance is often neglected, maintenance free u-joints reduce the odds of a sudden catastrophic failure caused by improper lubrication.

When a u-joint fails, one end of the drive shaft may fall out. This can cause an accident, and it will beat up the underside of the car. Sudden catastrophic failure of a u-joint may result in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Where to Find Quality Maintenance Free U-Joints

When it comes to u-joints — especially maintenance free ones — quality matters a lot. Since the whole point of installing maintenance free u-joints is so you don’t have to worry about servicing them ever, you need a quality set that will last as long as expected without any issues.

As a trusted brand, GMB offers high-quality u-joints, including maintenance free ones. GMB u-joints are built to OE specs and with premium materials. This means that GMB u-joints are extremely reliable and well-built. That’s why GMB is one of the world’s largest u-joint manufacturers.


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