Do you need to replace a U-joint but don’t have the part number? Don’t fret. We have just the solution for you: our U-joint lookup tool. All you need are the u-joint type and the measurements.

To give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the absolutely correct replacement U-joint, we’re going to discuss the different types of U-joints, how to get the right measurements, and how to use the GMB U-joint lookup tool.

The 5 Different Types of U-Joints

The type of the U-joint is characterized by the bearing cup style on all four ends. There are 3 different bearing cup styles:

  1. Plain: The bearing cup is plain with no plates or grooves.
  2. Plate: There’s a plate attached to the end of the bearing cup for mounting.
  3. Grooved: There’s a groove at the bottom of the bearing cup, which is found on U-joints with inside snap rings.

Three of the five types of U-joints have the same bearing cup style on all four ends: 4 plain, 4 plate, and 4 grooved. The remaining two types come with a mixture of two bearing cup styles: 2 plain/2 plate and 2 plain/2 grooved.

2 plain 2 plate u joint

A 2 plain 2 plate U-joint

4 plain U-joint

4 plain U-joint

4 plate U-joint

4 plate U-joint

You can figure out the U-joint type you have by examining the bearing cup style on all four ends.

How to Measure Your U-Joint

You need calipers to make accurate measurements. Calipers provide great precision because it’s equipped to measure down to the thousandth of an inch. To use calipers with a U-joint, place both end points tightly between the caliper jaws to get an accurate measurement. Here’s a great GMB tutorial on using calipers. You’ll need to have the end caps pushed firmly onto the cross to get an accurate width measurement.

Each type of U-joint comes with its own set of measurements. You can check the GMB U-joint lookup tool for a diagram on how to measure each type.

Using the GMB U-Joint Lookup Tool

The process is pretty straightforward. In the drop-down menus, enter the type and then all the required measurements. Next, take a look at the list of the available GMB U-joints that match the specs you entered (it’s at the bottom of the page). The GMB part number is listed, as well as the type and all the measurements. We strongly suggest double checking the specs to make sure you have the right U-joint.

We hope this tool has helped you find the right U-joint without a part number! Please contact us if you need any assistance determining your U-joint type, measuring your U-joint, and/or using the lookup tool.


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