It can be hard to find the right replacement u-joint for your vehicle. That’s why we put together the GMB u-joint lookup tool. We also offer a handheld u-joint selector tool.

If you need help navigating the tool, this video will walk you through the process:

Getting The U-Joint Ready

Remove all the bearing caps from your old u-joint.

Measure The Cross Length Of The U-Joint

  • Measure the cross length of the u-joint using the ruler along the side of the tool. Remove the bearing caps before taking the measurement.
  • Round the measurement to the closest 1/16”.
  • There’s a tab at the top of the tool. Grab it and then move the slide up or down to find the right cross-length measurement. Note: you may need to flip the tool over to find the size.

Measure The Bearing Caps

You may also need to measure the bearing caps to find the right part number. There are three common types of bearing caps:

* Plain
* Grooved
* Slotted

Measure the width of the bearing cap with the ruler on the side of the tool. When you adjusted the slide in the previous step, you’ll get the correct bearing type. When you measure the bearing cap, you’ll get to verify whether it’s the correct size.

Measure The Wing Bearing Mount

In some cases, you would also need to measure the wing bearing mount. To do this, measure the bolt hole to bolt hole distance on one side of the mount. Use the ruler along the side of the tool. Be sure to measure from the center of each bolt hole.

Find The Correct GMB U-Joint Part Number

When you have all the measurements selected, the tool displays the correct part number. You’ll find it on the right side under “Replace with our part number”.

Do you have any questions about using our GMB u-joint selector tool? Please contact us. We’re always happy to help!


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