Replacing a u-joint can take a lot of time, especially if you have a seized u-joint. A u-joint puller can make the job much easier.

With a good u-joint puller, you can disassemble your driveline in a short time. A u-joint puller also helps you avoid damaging the:

  • Driveshaft
  • yokes
  • joints
  • Bearing cups

If you’re replacing a u-joint anytime soon, we highly recommend getting a u-joint puller.

What Is A U-Joint Puller?

Ujoint puller

A u-joint puller is a tool used to remove yokes from U-joints. It’s a relatively new tool. It is a quicker tool to use than the older C-clamp style puller.

The Components Of A U-Joint Puller

A u-joint puller has a simple design. It has a few components:

  • Fork – pushes down on the other yoke or u-joint cross
  • Glove – holds one yoke
  • Forcing screw – forces the fork and glove away from each other

How Does A U-Joint Puller Work?

Ujoint puller
Image Credit: HowToolVideos

A u-joint puller keeps the yoke in place while pushing the u-joint bearing cup out of it. A u-joint puller works in a few steps.

  • First, slip the glove over the u-joint yoke to hold it in place.
  • Next, make sure the bottom of the fork rests on the other yoke. This creates enough stability for the tool to both hold the yoke in place and to push the top u-joint bearing cup out of it.
  • Then, you use the forcing screw to apply pressure.

It’s pretty simple to operate a u-joint puller. Once the glove is holding the yoke in place, use an impact wrench or another type of wrench to turn the forcing screw. The forcing screw will push the fork downwards while the glove pulls up on the yoke. Since the fork rests on opposite yoke, the entire u-joint is pushed downwards too. Eventually, the bearing cup slips out of the yoke.

Once one yoke is free, you can use the tool to remove the u-joint from the other yoke, too. Just slip the glove over the yoke in the other direction, and set the fork directly on the ends of the u-joint.

A u-joint puller is much more effective at removing stuck joints than using a hammer and punch. The forcing screw creates enough pressure remove the joint without risking damage to the yoke. This tool also prevents injury by keeping your hands away from the big hammer while disassembling your driveshaft.

Do I Need A U-Joint Puller?

If you’ve ever tried to replace a u-joint, then you know how difficult it can be. A good u-joint puller can save you a lot of time. It makes removing the joint much easier because it keeps the yoke in place.

With a quality u-joint puller, disassembling your driveline will be fast and easy. More about u-joint replacement in this article.


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