Many Consumers Want Pick Up And Drop Off Vehicle Service, But Will They Pay For It?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made online and contactless transactions much more common. Even many traditional in-person services have gone online or contactless. For example, the pandemic has introduced many consumers to “hands-off” car service.

What Is “Hands-Off” Car Service?

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Some dealers have started offering “hands-off” car service as a result of the pandemic. Here’s how it works:

  1. The dealer picks up the consumer’s vehicle.
  2. The dealer brings the car back to its shop to service it
  3. The dealer drops the car off at the consumer’s house when it’s done servicing the car.

Many consumers find this an attractive service. The consumer doesn’t have to leave their house to have their car serviced. This also reduces the number of consumers visiting shops and potentially spreading the virus.

The Future Of “Hands-Off” Car Service

Interest in car pickup and drop off service is rapidly increasing. Yet, many dealers wonder if this service is around to stay. Do consumers consider this a temporary thing? Or will it forever change the way consumers have their vehicles serviced?

It all boils down to whether consumers will still find it a valuable service after the pandemic is over. For obvious reasons, car pick up and drop off service costs more than traditional car service. Consumers have to pay for pick up and drop off rather than bring their vehicle to the shop. Will they still be willing to pay that cost after the pandemic ends? Will they still accept the extra cost in exchange for convenience?

More and more car dealers are adopting digital retailing. In fact, almost half of franchised dealers and 15% of independent dealers may start offering pick up and drop off service this year. 9 out of 10 dealers and consumers surveyed believe that consumers will shop online more in 2021 for routine household purchases. That includes routine services for their vehicles, such as oil changes.

The big question here is: should dealers keep investing in pick up and drop off services, even after the pandemic is over? How much demand will there be? Will the demand remain the same, will it increase, or will it plummet? Only time will tell.

Why Consumers May Still Want Pick Up And Drop Off Service

We live in an age of convenience. So we imagine that the demand for this service will remain strong after the pandemic ends. No one likes to sit at a dealership for hours while their car is serviced. People are very busy these days. They would like the idea of getting stuff done at home or work while their car is being serviced. Some people will find this convenience well worth the pick up and drop off fee.

Why Consumers May Ditch Pick Up And Drop Off Service Once The Pandemic Ends

There are some people, though, who may not find value in this service. Some people have reservations about the idea of a stranger whisking their car away. When the pandemic lifts and the fear of visiting public places dissipates, some people may no longer find the extra fee worth it.

When In Doubt Keep Up With The Times

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If you ask us, “hands-off” car service is around to stay. We live in a society where convenience and comfort are pursued above everything else. Some consumers are using this service just because of the pandemic. They’ll start bringing their vehicles to the shop as soon as the pandemic ends. So the demand for this service may go down right after the pandemic ends.

However, this service is still in its infancy. Many drivers still don’t know about it. As this service becomes more widespread, more drivers will start using it. So we won’t be surprised if we see a bigger demand for the service soon. For every person unwilling to pay for this service after the pandemic ends, there’s a few people who may be willing to pay for it.

If your shop can afford it, then keep investing in this service. If you’re the only shop (or one of the few shops) in the area that offers this service, you’ll attract more customers. If you ask us, that’s good enough of a reason to keep investing in this service.


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