How To Compare Replacement Water Pumps For Diesel Trucks

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The water pump needs to be replaced right away when it shows signs of failure. Obviously, if it fails completely, coolant won’t circulate through the engine block, causing the engine to overheat.

Types of Replacement Diesel Water Pumps Available

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When a customer brings in their diesel truck with a bad water pump, the first decision they have to make is which type of water pump to install in their truck. There are two basic options:

  • Rebuilt water pump: Some companies rebuild OEM water pumps and sell them at a lower price than their brand new counterparts.
  • Brand new OE-quality water pump: Both aftermarket companies and auto manufacturers offer brand new replacement water pumps. If your customer settles on a new aftermarket water pump, be sure to offer them an OE-quality pump to guarantee precise fitment and optimal performance.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Water Pumps

Help your customer reach a decision by going over the four most important factors to consider when selecting a water pump:


A rebuilt water pump generally costs less than a brand new water pump. You may even save your shop and the customer a little more money if your shop can do the rebuild itself. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the upfront cost only. If the pump fails prematurely, the customer is on the hook for the replacement costs.


Rebuilt water pumps usually aren’t covered by a warranty. In the rare occurrence that you find a rebuilt water pump that’s warrantied, there’s a high chance the warranty is pretty short.

All genuine OEM replacement pumps are covered by the manufacturer’s parts warranty. Some quality aftermarket water pump brands offer a comprehensive warranty policy, as well.

It’s pretty risky to offer your customers a replacement part that’s not covered by a comprehensive warranty. If that part fails prematurely, the customer can blame you for getting them into such a situation.


Many water pump re-manufacturers keep their costs down by using substandard parts in rebuilt pumps. That means their refurbished water pumps likely contain cheap components that will wear out after a short time. Also, these components may not be the right size. Rebuilt water pumps typically contain undersized bearings.

If made by a reputable brand, an aftermarket water pump is built to OEM specs and designed to exceed OEM pumps in terms of quality and design. If you want to offer a good aftermarket water pump to your customers, look for a heavy duty pump built from durable materials, bearings, and seals.

Summing Up

Installing a brand new water pump is the safer route with a lower risk of comebacks. If your customer is concerned about cost, explain that while a well-built brand new water pump might cost more upfront, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.


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