Common Questions Consumers Have About Their Fan Clutch

If you have a customer that suspects their fan clutch is failing, you’ll likely be asked several common questions. Fan clutch issues need to be fixed as soon as possible, and having the answers at the ready will help speed the process along.

In this guide, we answer some common questions about fan clutch operation and repairs.

Why Is My Fan Clutch So Loud?

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The most common reason for a loud cooling fan is the clutch being stuck in the fully engaged position. When this happens, the fan runs at engine speed regardless of the actual engine temperature. This condition can cause unnecessary drag on the engine as it works harder against the cooling fan rotation. The symptoms can include poor acceleration from a loss of engine power and reduced fuel economy. Learn more about common fan clutch noises and what they mean.

Why Is My Fan Clutch Sticking?

One common reason for a fan clutch to stick is a loss of lubricant in the bearings. When this happens, the bearings will seize up and the clutch will not disengage. On a viscous clutch, a bi-metal thermostatic spring heats up and opens a fluid valve. A silicone fluid flows through the clutch and engages the fan. The more the fluid flows, the faster the fan turns. If the thermostatic spring goes bad, the valve may stick open or close too slowly. This will cause the fan clutch to stay engaged or drag. Learn more about fan clutch failure modes and troubleshooting.

Why Is My NEW Fan Clutch So Loud?

If the old fan clutch wasn’t engaging properly, the new fan clutch might seem louder. This is usually a normal condition since the fan is now turning at the correct RPM. If you replace your old fan clutch with a heavier-duty unit, the fan may turn at higher RPM with increased fan noise. This would also be a normal condition. 

Can The Fan Clutch Affect My AC?

The AC condenser is usually located at the front of the radiator. The condenser has a set of coils with cooling fins. The cooling fan pulls air across the coils and removes heat from the refrigerant. This changes the refrigerant from a gas state back to a liquid state. If the cooling fan stops working correctly, the AC refrigerant won’t be able to remove heat effectively through the evaporator core inside the car. As a result, the AC will blow warmer air out of the vents.

Can A Fan Clutch Be Repaired?

Attempting to repair a fan clutch should only be a temporary solution. The best repair is to replace the fan clutch assembly with a new one. Learn more about why you should buy your new fan clutch from GMB.

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