Common Questions Consumers Have About Electric Water Pumps

An electric water pump can fail slowly, or sometimes suddenly stop working with no warning at all. In either case, the temperature of the system being cooled will rise and, depending on the vehicle and how overheated the system is, mechanical problems will follow. Without doubt, customers who suspect their electric water pump is failing, or has failed, will have many questions. We’ll answer some common questions about electric water pumps in this post.

Are Electric Water Pumps Better Than Mechanical?

Electric water pumps have fewer wearable parts than mechanical water pumps. Mechanical pumps are driven by a pulley with a belt or chain. They also have seals and bearings that can wear out over time. Mechanical water pumps are always moving at engine speed, regardless of the cooling system needs. Electric water pumps contain electric motors that can be precisely controlled by an onboard computer. Therefore, the electric water pump only has to run when needed.

Do Electric Vehicles Have Water Pumps?

Many electric vehicles have electric water pumps that are powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. The electric motors, battery cells, and electronic control units can all generate a significant amount of heat due to high-current operation. Liquid cooling ensures all components are operating at the optimal temperature under all driving conditions. The electric water pump is also needed to circulate coolant through the heater core, providing heat to the occupants in cold weather. Learn more about why electric vehicles need water pumps too.

Can My Electric Water Pump Be Repaired?

Electric water pumps contain a motor assembly and electronics that would make them a challenge to repair. An electric water pump housing is usually made of plastic material that can crack over time. Once the housing is broken, coolant can leak out or the motor and electronics could become corroded. It’s also possible for the impeller to break apart or the bearing assembly to wear out. Learn more about why you should buy your electric water pump from GMB.

Does My Car Have An Electric Or Mechanical Water Pump?

If you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the primary engine water pump is most likely mechanical. However, some automakers like BMW use electric water pumps on their gasoline-powered cars. Many cars utilize auxiliary electric water pumps for different purposes. They can be used to help minimize heat soak after the engine is turned off. Secondary electric water pumps also improve coolant circulation through components such as the heater core or the turbocharger. Hybrids use an electric pump for the heater function whenever the vehicle moves under electric power.

GMB Offers Quality Parts You Can Trust

Discussing any of the topics covered in this post will help your customer gain a much better understanding of their electric water pump. This will build their trust in you and your shop. Using quality parts like those made by GMB will also build trust. GMB is among the best because:

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