If you have a Dodge or RAM truck, odds are you’ll experience issues with wheel bearings at some point. Here’s a list of symptoms related to wheel bearing failure on Dodge or RAM trucks, as well as some diagnostic tips, repair info, recommended parts, and background information.

Dodge/RAM Wheel Bearing Failure Symptoms

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  • Humming or growling noise that changes pitch with speed
  • Vibration felt in the steering wheel or in the seat while driving
  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Uneven brake pad and rotor wear

Wheel Bearing Diagnosis And Repair Tips

Wheel bearing noises can be a challenge to pinpoint. If a front wheel bearing is bad, usually the noise will change pitch when turning the steering wheel while driving. A bad front wheel bearing may also cause the vehicle to pull to one side. The best way to narrow down a wheel bearing noise is to do some manual checks.

Safely raise the vehicle and slowly rotate the wheel with your hands. As you rotate the wheel, listen for any metallic grinding noises. Also, notice if the wheel feels rough as you turn it. Check for any play in the wheel by moving it from side to side.

Image Credit: FixingCarsAndStuff

If you’re uncertain the wheel bearing is bad, it’s important to rule out other issues. Wheel bearing noises can sound similar to other problems. Inspect for uneven tire wear and brake pad wear. Stuck or worn brake pads can also make the wheel feel rough or cause a grinding noise. Tires with unusual wear patterns can generate a roaring or humming noise while driving.

Repair other suspect issues before further diagnosis or replacement of wheel bearings. Wheel bearings require much more teardown and repair time than worn brakes or bad tires. Once other issues are repaired, verify if the noises have been eliminated. If not, recheck the wheel bearings again.

One thing is certain: Don’t let wheel bearings go without repair. A wheel bearing noise indicates a failure of lubrication and proper bearing movement. If this gets bad enough, the bearing can completely fail while driving, and the hub can come apart. This can result in a loss of vehicle control.

Why Do Dodge/RAM Trucks Have Wheel Bearing Problems?

In most cases, wheel bearings are designed to last the life of the vehicle. However, trucks can be subjected to a lot more stress and abuse over their lifetime than other vehicles. Towing, carrying heavy loads, offroading, or installing larger wheels and tires can sometimes shorten the expected life of a wheel bearing. It’s important to be aware of the signs of wheel bearing failure and replace the part promptly. Check out this blog post to learn more about the influence of aftermarket parts on the truck market.

Recommended Replacement Wheel Bearings

GMB offers high-quality replacement wheel bearings for Dodge or RAM trucks:

  • Third Generation (2002-2008)  Part Number 799-0172
  • Fourth Generation (2009-2011)  Part Number 720-3020
  • Fourth Generation (2012-2018) Part Number 720-3120

Looking for other Dodge or RAM parts for your truck? Find the high-quality GMB parts you need here.


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