Pickups Just Keep Getting Older: Is Your Shop Benefitting?

This article was originally published on UnderhoodService.com.

While the average vehicle in the USA is nearly 11.5 years old, the average truck is even older. According to the latest major household vehicle survey conducted by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average pickup truck is about 18% older than the average passenger car. This means the average age of the trucks working the streets these days is about 14 years old.

Why is the Average Pickup Truck Older Than the Average Car?

Older pickup

There are two big reasons more and more people these days are holding onto their old pickups instead of upgrading them:

1. Quality and Capability

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, trucks were made to last. A lot of truck owners don’t see the point in upgrading to a newer model when their old trucks are still in great shape. Also, the basic features of a truck haven’t change much. They mostly still have ladder frames, leaf springs in the rear, and coil springs up front.

2. Cost

The cost of a new truck, particularly a diesel truck, has skyrocketed. A fully loaded Ford F-250 with 4WD, leather, and a diesel engine might have cost you $40K in 1999. Today, that same truck is at least $60k.

Two Ways to Take Advantage of This Trend

There are a couple of great ways to use this new trend as an opportunity to attract customers and generate business:

1. Offer Upgrades

A big reason people upgrade to newer trucks is to enjoy modern features, such as a backup camera, parking sensors, and built-in SiriusXM radio.

However, a lot of people are reluctant to buy a whole new truck just to get these features. Your shop can help breathe new life into their old trucks though, by offering upgrades.

Your shop can do paint jobs, reupholster seats, and/or install high-quality aftermarket parts, such as:

  • Running boards
  • LED lights
  • Heads-up displays
  • Parking sensors
  • Backup cameras
  • Integrated SiriusXM radio adapters

It can’t hurt to offer a package deal with a tagline that reads something like, “Let us bring your truck to the 21st century!”

2. Offer Service Specials

People who own older trucks are usually great with maintaining their trucks on a regular basis. To keep them as loyal customers, your shop can offer service specials. For example, buy 5 oil changes, get one free. You can also offer free vehicle inspections, too.

Don’t Forget to Show the Customers That You Care

Most owners of older trucks care a great deal about their trucks. Be sure to go the extra mile for them to show that you care, too.


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