3 Reasons To Avoid Low Quality Wheel Hub Assemblies

It might be tempting to install a low-priced, wheel hub assembly to save some money. However, low-price will cost you quality. Here are some things to think about before making a decision.

The wheel hub is a critical component of a vehicle because it’s solely responsible for ensuring that the wheel stays attached to the car. It also performs several other important functions. A low-quality wheel hub assembly is not as reliable as an OEM quality hub. Installing a low-quality hub assembly can cause several major problems, including:

1. Malfunctioning ABS System

abs light

Every hub on a modern vehicle has an ABS wheel speed sensor. The sensor communicates with the ABS control system and the traction control system about how fast the wheel is turning. The ABS control system manages the brakes during a panic stop. The traction control system helps the driver regain control of the car when it begins to skid.

Auto manufacturers spend a lot of engineering time on ABS and traction control components as they are a key part of a vehicle’s safety system. As a result, these components vary in design from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from vehicle to vehicle. Aftermarket companies that manufacture cheap wheel hub assemblies often economize by trying to use the same component for many vehicles. This is why it’s quite common for cheap hubs to cause problems with ABS or traction control systems.

When an ABS sensor malfunctions or fails, several things may happen:

  • The ABS warning light comes on, which requires a service visit every time it lights up.
  • The ABS system won’t work correctly or at all.
  • The traction control system won’t function, which can be dangerous in wet weather.

2. Noise and Vibration

With a low-quality wheel hub assembly you may experience more noise and vibration. These aren’t necessarily indicative of failure, but are still bothersome and will affect your ride quality.

3. Premature Wheel Hub Failure

dirty bearing

Cheap wheel hubs usually come with a low-quality bearing seal. If it allows moisture and/or dirt into the bearing, the bearing will fail quickly. Sometimes this can happen in less than a year!

While it sounds dramatic, cheap wheel hub assemblies can also suffer from catastrophic failure as soon as they hit a pothole or curb. This can result in the wheel literally falling off the vehicle.

What to Look For in an OEM-Quality Wheel Hub Assembly

bearings hub

As an OE bearing manufacturer for 75 years, GMB knows bearings. All hubs and bearings are manufactured to OE standards. That means that all the components, including our ABS sensors, exactly match OE specifications. This is critical for the ABS and traction controls systems to work correctly. And of course, we make our own bearings. GMB has been manufacturing bearings for over seventy years. If you’re seeking a sturdy and reliable vehicle-specific wheel hub assembly to offer to your customers with confidence, look for the following factors:

  • High-strength steel
  • OE type ABS sensors
  • Preloaded hub bearings
  • Roll formed hub
  • High-quality triple-lip wheel bearing seals
  • Thoroughly bearing noise tested

When choosing a wheel bearing or hub replacement, GMB is an OEM quality brand you can trust. Learn more about GMB wheel hub assemblies here.


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